EA Review: Neuro FX Robot

Neuro FX Robot boasts of a unique trading strategy. This robot runs automatically on your computer without human intervention.

In this review, we analyze important aspects of this EA. This includes the performance stats, user reviews, and finally, we give you our verdict. Is it right to trust this forex robot?

What is Neuro FX Robot?

Neuro FX Robot is an automatic trading forex robot. It runs on the famous MetaTrader4 platform. The people behind this EA state that it is perfect for traders with no prior technical expertise. They also claim that it is low risk and does not require investing a lot of cash to work.

Neuro FX Robot
Neuro FX Robot Review


This EA seeks to use neural networks as its core strategy. The method involves analyzing the underlying relationships in a set of data. The network takes in signals and computes outputs based on a concatenation of matrix operations and non-linear transformations.

Additionally, the neural network can tune the weights and output forecasts that match the target variable using this data.

Neuro FX Robot Notable Features

  • EA Settings: Use default settings
  • Currency: USDCHF
  • Time Frame: H4
  • Brokers: All Good brokers, any account type.
  • Minimum Deposit: $100/0.01 lot
  • Best trade: $200/0.01 lot
  • There is no need to disconnect the expert at the time of news release.
  • Work with All Brokers, ECN, STP, Micro, or Cent Account.
  • Flexible configuration, Easy Setting even for no experience Trader.
  • Easy Parameter, built-in magic number


The developers offer 3 plans for this forex robot. They include the basic, regular, and business. The price ranges from $129 for the basic plan to $169 for the business plan. All accounts are offered for a lifetime.

Neuro FX Robot Review: Pricing
Neuro FX Robot Review: Pricing

Neuro FX Robot: Performance Statistics

The most crucial part in understanding the viability of an EA is its performance. We look at backtest results and real, verified results.

The currency pair involved in the test is USDCHF. From an initial deposit of $500, the EA was able to close with a net profit of $1,265,125, which is outstanding. The relative drawdown stands at 24%, while the modelling quality is 90%. We prefer the modelling quality to be at around 99%. The spread is 20. The span of the test was 3 years, from 2017 to the end of 2020.

Neuro FX Robot Review: Backtest Data
Neuro FX Robot Review: Backtest Data

Backtests are good, but real, verified results give a better indication of how the robot performs in real-world scenarios.

We look at results from FX Blue.

The net return stands close to 6%. Additionally, the average monthly return is 203%. The EA has an average trade frequency of 0.9 trades daily. Finally, these statistics were last updated in March 2021.

This account was tracked for 23 days.

Neuro FX Robot Results from FX Blue
Neuro FX Robot Results from FX Blue
 FX Blue Results
Neuro FX Robot Review: FX Blue Results

Community Trust Levels: User Reviews

Another critical criterion when considering an EA is user reviews. When most users are pleased with a product, you can be certain that you are getting a good deal.

We searched reputable sources for user reviews, but we did not find any. For an EA launched in early 2021, we expected it to have some verifiable user reviews.

user experience
Neuro FX Robot : Customer Reviews

Refund Policy

The website does not state anything about a refund policy. At this point, we are forced to assume that there are no policies that govern how investors may get their moneyback if they are dissatisfied with this EA.

Therefore, in case you decide to invest in this EA, do not expect your money back in case this robot does not work for you.


There is no information about the developers of this EA. We do not know if the vendor has any background in forex trading.

However, there are testimonials listed on the website. As you would expect, these testimonies speak highly of this robot.

These testimonies do not give any evidence of their accounts. Moreso, we cannot independently verify if any of these testimonials are true.

Claims Evaluation

The website claims that this EA is professionally designed to cut losses early and allow good trades run to maximize gains.

As we have seen from the FX Blue account, the total return is almost 6%. The risk-reward ratio is +1.63. However, the risk of ruin is significantly high at 68%.

We cannot conclusively say if this EA has good returns at all. The live account we have access to was only tracked for 23 days. This is a short period to correctly evaluate this EA.

Therefore, we cannot conclusively evaluate these claims.


The EA is not expensively priced. The developers have also taken their time to list the main features of this EA. The results based on the backtest and real account are not bad.

However, the strategy used is not clear. Traders will not trust their money to an EA that is not clear on what principles it uses. There is also no money-back guarantee in case a trader is dissatisfied with the services. Moreso, there are no user reviews that would boost user confidence.

Finally, we do not recommend this forex robot to beginners. However, seasoned traders can try their luck but should not invest what they cannot afford to lose.

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