EA Review: Keltner Pro

Keltner Pro is a forex robot automated 100%. The creators state that this robot can enter, exit, and manage trades on your behalf. Therefore, it is suitable for prospective forex traders who lack experience.

On the website, the EA creator details the journey they undertook to make this robot a success. He prides himself that he can help people escape the poverty cycle by investing in this product.

We have decided to undertake an in-depth analysis of this EA. Are the strategies used by this EA sound? What about results with real money in the accounts? Finally, we will give you our recommendation.

What is Keltner Pro?

Keltner Pro is a fully automated forex robot. There is a bold statement on the website that claims that two friends made over $112k in just 3 months. The success was a result of discovering a unique “Twist” to Keltner channel trading.

Tinkering with the Keltner channels trading strategy gave birth to Keltner Pro after long hours of programming. The team then performed a complete rebuild of the Keltner channels and added a few conditions to set it apart.

The website states that the robot does not take unnecessary risks. Additionally, It does not use strategies like martingale, grid, or out-of-control lot sizes. Keltner Pro uses a safe StopLoss approach.

Notable Keltner Pro Features

  • Easy installation
  • Full Support For 5 Currency Pairs
  • Double The Reward Trade Management
  • Money Management System
  • Lifetime updates
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Profit Warranty

Next, we look at the performance and user experience of this robot.

Keltner Pro Review

We perused the Keltner Pro website and what stands out is that the creator has focused a lot on themselves. The Robot is tied to the life journey of the creator. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, although it seems like a way to covertly market this robot.

According to the website, this EA has a 1-year warranty. Moreso, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you qualify for a refund if the level of service is unsatisfactory.

Keltner Pro Review

The EA owner states that he only has a limited number of copies – 400 in total. The first 200 customers are entitled to a 50% discount. This brings the price to $499. He goes further to offer a 60% price reduction on the $499. The final price for this EA is $197. The site has a call to action for the quick purchase of this robot. It also promises that prices will soon go up!

EA Review: Statistics and Community Trust Levels

What sets good forex robots apart is the customer experience, as well as good performances. Here, we analyze backtests and real-live data from Myfxbook.

The developers do not provide any backtests data for this EA. What is available are screenshots showing the EA performances.

We also looked at performance from some reputable sites. What is available is a real live account for a user named Jared, whose account is no longer active.

The account is set up as to use the SynergyFX broker with a 1:100 leverage. It also utilizes the MT4 platform.

Analysis of the performance shows a decent monthly growth of 11.9%. From an initial deposit of $6,000, the EA managed a net profit of $33,8745 which is impressive.

However, the performances indicate a drawdown of 58.7%, which is mind-boggling. More so, the absolute gain and overall gain are similar. This means that the owner of this account tried to shore this account to avoid losses at some point. Additionally, the EA won 444 out of 1004 trades, a win rate of 44%. This indicates that the probability of losing trades is more than half.

Note that updates for this EA ceased in 2017. We do not have current data for 2021 therefore we do not know how this EA performs in 2021.

Keltner Pro Review: results from verifiable sources
Keltner Pro Review: Results from Myfxbook

Keltner Pro User Feedback

Looking at the average score for customer reviews gives mixed results. Although from reading the reviews, it is clear that most users are unsatisfied with this robot.

Keltner Pro review reviews from reputable websites
Keltner Pro review: Reviews from reputable website
Keltner Pro review: User reviews


Owner background information is paramount to boost traders’ confidence. However, the Keltner Pro website does not provide any info about the creators. What we only get is that the creator made $100,000 passively in months using Keltner Channels. We consider this a sales gimmick to entice users to buy the EA.

However, we see the name Jared from Myfxbook and from Customer reviews. From what research around the internet, there are claims that Jared is a newbie in the Forex Industry. However, we could not verify these claims.

Finally, the website only provides a contact form that users enter their details to get access to the EA.

Refund Policy

To gauge the legitimacy of an EA, a refund policy plays a vital role. However, there are no hints of a refund policy on the website. From the user feedback, it seems that the owners do not offer refunds.

Verdict: What we realized is that when this EA was launched into the market, it was able to make a string of successful trades. However, as time went by, losses started streaming in which affected traders’ accounts negatively.

We believe that the creator could have done a better job with this EA. For now, we recommend that you avoid investing in this robot.

Our Final Thoughts

Keltner Pro seems to be tied to the owner at the hip. On the website, he aggressively markets this EA and gives huge discounts on the purchase price.

Finally, our main concern is that updates have stopped for real money accounts. Therefore, we have no clue about the robot’s performance. User reviews are also not solid, and backtests are unavailable. We, therefore, recommend that you stay away from this robot for now.

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