Goldbull Pro Review: A Gold Standard EA?

Goldbull Pro is an EA launched in 2015. It was created by expert traders using their years of experience. The developers claim that this EA is innovative and guarantees winning.

In this review, we take a closer look at this forex robot. We provide you with a detailed analysis of how it’s working so far since its launch. You will get to see the performance and user feedback. Finally, we tell you if it’s something worthy of your time and money.

What is Goldbull Pro?

Developers of this EA claim to have spent 8 years building this innovative EA. This EA is a unique money maker with a proven trading algorithm. It is easy to set up in minutes, provided you have the MetaTrader4 platform.

The leading line for this forex robot is “How can you gain more than 60% profit every month?” They also say they are the most trusted forex robot in the market. Moreso, they claim that this EA is perfect for experienced and newbie traders.

In terms of strategy, the developers claim to have built-in money management strategies for the EA. This is meant to keep away human emotions and daily negative circumstances. It is 100% automated. It uses a short timeframe scalping strategy to trade. The EA can make a lot of trades within a short time span.

This EA trades in 3 currency pairs, including EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD. The minimum deposit required to use this EA is $1000; otherwise, you can use a micro account with as little as $10. Note that the deposit is on top of the purchase price. Currently, the price for this EA on various marketplaces ranges from $129 to $149.

Now, lets look at some trading results.

Goldbull Pro EA: Results and User Feedback

We got some performance statistics from FX Blue. Total returns stand at 85,503%. Monthly returns average at 27%, far less than the 60% return the developers claim. Drawdown stands at 10% while the EA is able to accomplish 6 trades in a day.

Something to note is that the winning percentage stands at less than 50%.

GoldBull Pro: FX Blue results
Goldbull Pro Review: FX Blue results

We also dug around and found demo accounts on Myfxbook. These demo accounts do not have real verified results. This is a red flag. Transparency is key for any forex robot to be successful and boost user confidence.

Anyway, looking at the results, the account was last updated in 2015. Monthly returns are 38%, while drawdown is under 4%. However, gain and absolute gain is similar, which means the owner of this account had to deposit more money to shore up this account.

Note that the account is not verified ergo, the results.

Goldbull Pro Review: Myfxbook Results

Use Feedback

Another huge concern is that, at the time of publishing this review, the website for this EA is not active. Actually, the domain is up for sale.

Goldbull Pro Review: Website domain up for sale
Goldbull Pro Review: Website domain up for sale

Searching the internet, we found a lot of negative reviews for this EA. Some users have gone right ahead and called this EA a scam. Here are some from reputable websites.

Goldbull Pro Review: Customer Review
Goldbull Pro Review: Customer Review
Goldbull Pro Review: Customer Review
Goldbull Pro Review: Customer Review

As you can see, the demo account hosted by the developers gave misleading results. Moreover, the owners of this robot are also not living by their refund policy.


The results given on FX Blue seem to be misleading. Looking closer, there looks to be a bit of manipulation of that account. We assume this is to bait traders into buying this EA.

The customer feedback was pretty scathing. It points out the fact that this EA is not a money maker as claimed. More so, the strategies for trade are not clear.

Additionally, their website is not active. Therefore we could not reach their customer support for any clarifications.

Finally, market places are still selling this forex robot. However, our readers should note that this is not a gold standard forex robot, from where we sit, it looks more like a scam.

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