UOP FX Review: Legit or a Scam?

“Discover how to earn $1k per day as a forex trader” This is the leading line for UOP FX. What’s more, they claim making this money requires no experience.

This EA promises financial freedom. The website states that they can help you escape the 9-5 rat race. These statements sound lofty and extremely enticing. But, is it so easy? Does this FX really make $1k per day? What strategies do they employ? Is this a scam? Well, in this post, we answer all these questions and more.

What is UOPFX?

UOP FX stands for Unity of Prosperity Academy FX. They claim to have the solution for your financial problems. More so, they say they have proof of why forex trading is your best bet for a profitable home business. Note that these statements are from the founder Reginald Stinson.

UOP FX Review
UOP FX Review

The website goes ahead and explains what forex trading is and how it works from their viewpoint. They also give a myriad of reasons why forex trading is a preferred way to work from home, unlike other home businesses.

This website is set up to depict forex trading as an easy and fun thing to do. They have photos showing traders in Hawaii and Paris relaxing on beaches while their laptops trade in the forex market. They go to insist that regular people make over $100k annually in their sleep from forex trading.

Pictures of successful business moguls like George Soros and Bruce Kovner  who are worth billions are also shown.

Products Review

UOP FX offer many products. let’s review some of them.

Forex Training Academy

The website showcases the modules to be covered for those who want to become pros in forex trading. They claim to have insider secrets from experts and professional traders. Apparently, the course is jam-packed with proven tips, strategies, and techniques for anyone to become a prosperous trader. The training aims to make you earn big money within a short time span.

UOP FX Review: Training Modules
UOP FX Review: Training Modules

As a UOP FX student, you will receive the following products:

UOP FX Sniper Pro

UOP FX Review: UOP FX Sniper Pro

This is a semi-automated trading software that utilizes a directional trading function. It boasts of a news filter that disables trading in the event of major news.

UOP FX Mobile App

The app gives you access to pro charts and analysis. It also sends you 3-5 trading ideas on a weekly basis.

UOP FX Trade Manager

This provides you with built-in risk management. It manages all your trades to minimize loss positions. More so, it features a built-in trailing stop feature and has the ability to “partial position close automatically”.

UOP FX Elliot Wave Pro

The website states that this tool is great for confluence or trade confirmation. Apparently, it is packed with a number of algorithms including Elliot wave theory. This enables it to easily identify the beginning and end of market waves.

UOP FX Hybrid Trading System

This is a scalping, day and swing trading system bundled in one. The website claims that this software gives high probability trade setups. It also acts as a confluence tool.

UOP FX Trade Finder

This is a trade identifying software. It gives you prospective entry and exit points to trades. It also acts as a confluence tool.

UOP FX PRZ Scanner

It uses a strategy known as harmonic patterns to scan the market with precision. Consequently, it gives entries in price reversal zones.

UOP FX Scalp King

This is another semi-automated EA. It utilizes cutting-edge price action as well as a built-in news filter that deactivates this EA during any major news cycle. Apparently, it also boasts of an advanced cost averaging system to get out of bad trades

UOP FX Academy

The FX academy offers the following:

  • Basic, intermediate and advanced training
  • Learn fundamentals, technicals, and market structure
  • Self-study course (Learn at your own pace)
  • 2 Live Weekly Training Sessions

Those are a lot of products offered at one go. This is a big concern for us.

Now lets look at some performance results.

UOP FX Review: Performance Results

The website raves about how traders can make a lot of cash in their sleep. With such statements, we expected to see wonderful results. However, none of the products offered by the EA showed any performance statistics.

UOP FX Review User Feedback

There is a ton of user feedback on the website. All these claim how they overcame the rat race once they started using the products from Mr. Reginald Stinson. Of course, none of these are verifiable.

User feedback for the app

We found reviews on the android app store and appgroves. The reviews are not specific and have employed many adjectives in praise of the UOP FX Mobile App.

Our Final Thoughts

I think it’s pretty clear what the creators of this product aim to achieve. They have products all over the place, and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what UOP FX is all about. More so, we managed to find out that Mr. Reginald is an Internet marketer and a serial entrepreneur. He is not associated with forex trading.

You may ask, what about the price, maybe all this is free. Well, that’s not the case. Monthly membership for UOP FX costs $125, which translates to $1500 annually. We advise our readers to use this money elsewhere.

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