Universe FX Review: A New Generation EA?

Today , we do a comprehensive review of Universe FX Robot, a bot that is taunted as a “new generational robot” by its marketers.

It is a fully automated forex software that trades on currency pairs based on some preset parameters. It was developed by a professional team whose aim is to see you succeed in forex trading.

We want to know if everything is as rosy as they claim. Is there more than meets the eye for Universe FX Robot?

What is Universe Forex Robot?

Here is a video showing trading activity on the Universe EA.

Universe Forex Robot is an automated trading robot whose goal is to save time and help inexperienced people venture into forex trading. The robot was two years into development by a team of seasoned traders, developers, and professors. They aimed to connect mathematical models to real-life trading expertise. This software has a wide array of currency pairs for trading, including GBPJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, and EURGBP.

The EA boasts of the capability to evaluate entry points using different methods to ensure profitability. It can independently set risk and lot size parameters to guarantee the best result. According to the website, the risk-reward ratio is “unique” because it’s possible to make huge margins while keeping risks low.

The website lists some very compelling features and benefits. That notwithstanding, we have dug up data that is definitive about Universe FX Robot. We will help you make a conclusive decision; whether to jump in or stay away.

So, we evaluate the following claims from this EA:

  • Accuracy Rate of 60% on trades
  • Profit of between 10%-20%

Universe Forex Robot Review

The best indicator to tell if a site is out to scam you is the policy on refunds. So, where does this EA stand? At the time of publishing this article, there is no mention of a return policy on the website.

Universe Forex Robot Stats

The EA posts a monthly return of 23%. Total gain stands at 318% with a win percentage of just under 41%. Moreso, the Risk/Reward ratio stands at +2.33.

However, these fantastic results are overshadowed by a trade loss percentage of almost 60%. Moreover, the drawdown stands at 30% which we consider dangerous.

On another note, the average trade length is 2.4 minutes while the EA carries out 3.6 trades per day.

Universe Forex Robot Review: FX Blue Results
Universe Forex Robot Review: FX Blue Results

Customer Reviews

The other indicator worth checking is verified customer reviews. The customer experience for Universe Forex robot is virtually nonexistent based on dependable sites like Trustpilot. The website also claims that they made 4000 pips in 2019. We cannot find any other reference to this claim.

Universe FX Robot: No reviews available

The website also warns you to invest what you cannot afford to lose.  The basic plan for investment starts at $399, while the PRO EA is priced at $899.99. In addition, the purported accuracy rate for the robot is 82.4%.  This figure is also not verifiable. However, it is worth saying that the starting price for their basic package is not colossal.

The site claims that an investor should expect between 10%-20% profit every month. This result is based on a 12-month analysis of trades. However, no evidence of these results is provided. The strategy they claim to use is not entirely clear.

So should you invest in Universe FX Robot and relax on a sandy beach as you wait for your money to grow exponentially? We firmly advised against this. We believe there are better forex robots out there with better reviews. This verdict stands until they make changes on the glaring issues.

Trust Level

 We went further and sampled other sources of information that focused on Universe Forex Robot. One source claimed that this EA bot is the number one expert advisor on MetaTrader 4. We debunked this site with a quick search on WHOIS showed that the domain was not officially registered. Information presented on this site does not correlate to the original Universe FX Robot website.

Universe FX Robot: An associated dummy website
Universe FX Review: WHOIS Result for dummy site

On this site, they display some figures and claims on what the EA can do. They also claim that they are the top expert advisor for MetaTrader 4 platform.

Universe FX Review: Claims from the website

First off, the website claims that the drawdown for the EA is 10%. However, from what we have seen in the real, verified account, the drawdown stands at 40%. This is a big discrepancy.

More so, it states that the trader will get a 68% profit. Again, as we have seen from the verified results, this is not the correct position. Monthly returns stand at 23%. This is a huge discrepancy.

As for the 953 satisfied customers, we did not get to see any feedback or posts from them.

Some backtests and historical data were found on one website. However, we could not independently certify that these were true. On some authoritative sites like Myfxbook, there is no mention of this robot.

Claims Evaluation

  • Accuracy Rate of 60% on trades: False
  • Profit of between 10%-20%: True


The trust level for this EA is absolutely down. The EA seems to have created another website, away from the domain it was originally on. This new domain is neither registered nor secure. Claims that the EA wins 60% of the trades is also false.

We have exhaustively determined that you should skip this EA. It is better to invest your money in better products. The proprietors of this EA have to do better to earn your trust.

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