The FULL List of “Scam” Forex bots

(work in progress, feel free to add more in the comments)

This list is based on the online reviews for each bot. Any bot with over 10 reviews claiming that’s scam, it will be included in the list.

  • GPS Forex Bot
  • Forex Fury
  • Vader Forex Robot
  • Ainstein Bot
  • Forex Robotron
  • FXCharger
  • SinryAdvice

Do Forex robots really work?

There are Forex algos which have proven profitable over time, but 99% suffer losing streaks. Beware of any Forex robot which claims to “work” all the time.

How do Forex scams work?

Most Forex scams are either based on a trader or algo seeking investment after falsifying historical returns to present a fake track record. There are also some scam Forex brokers which try to get depositors to allow the broker to trade on their behalf, or who make it very difficult or impossible to withdraw funds.

Is Forex a pyramid scheme?

Forex is not a pyramid scheme, but it is possible that a pyramid scheme may exist selling Forex education or Forex robots.

What is the best Forex robot?

The best Forex robot is one which makes profit almost every year, but has losing days, weeks, and months. This is the only realistic long-term way to make profit in the Forex market.