Hedge Track Trader Review

The first thing you notice with Hedge Track Trader are the bold statements on their cover. They claim to achieve a 442% profit yearly. This profit is exclusive of any human intervention.

In this review, we look to qualify or debunk promises made by the owners of this EA. Are the numbers true? What is their strategy? Finally, we will give you our verdict.

What is Hedge Track Trader?

Hedge Track Trader is a fully automated forex robot. The creator states that this EA is so easy to install, he reckons a 10-year-old could do it. Once installed, you set your risk parameters and activate trading. The built-in intuitive algorithm works to lock in profits while preventing high drawdowns intelligently.

Hedge Track Trader Review: Website Introduction
Hedge Track Trader Review: Website Introduction

Additionally, as the name suggests, the EA uses the hedging strategy. Forex experts consider it a risky strategy. However, let’s see if this EA uses this methodology to it’s advantage.

Notable Features

  • Adaptive Trading: The ability of the EA to adapt to market conditions without human intervention.
  • 100% Automated: Opens, closes, and manages all trades automatically. What you need to do is to input your risk factor.
  • Flexible Account: Works with small and large amounts as well.
  • Intuitive Trade management: All Trades are managed dynamically, targeting different profit levels.
  • Cross-Currency Hedge protection: The robot can hedge trades for other currencies. Therefore, this EA can accumulate more profit and add an element of protection.

A team led by Glen Martin developed this EA. They wanted to create a robot that could adapt to changing market conditions while maintaining low risk consistently. Here is a video showing what the team aims to achieve.

Additionally, the the team aimed to make the robot “self-sustaining”. It would manage trades and control risks.

Next, we look at performance from verified accounts. We investigate if the strategy is sound. Did the developers strike gold or is it another case of a failed EA?

Claims from the website:

  • The website claims that the EA can get profits of up to 442% yearly.
  • Safe and low risk
  • Ability to trade 20 currency pairs.

Hedge Track Trader Review

Glen Martin and the team assure investors of a profit of more than 400% per annum, regardless of the invested amount. It is heartening to see the owner of the EA coming out to pitch for the product.

Hedge Track Trader EA also promises a 60-day money-back guarantee if one is unsatisfied with the services. Updates are free and the license lasts a lifetime.

However, we realized that the team was overtly concentrating on disapproving of other forex robots. Additionally, this EA is being marketed as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Lets see if if the user reviews and statistics complement what the owners of this EA are saying.

Hedge Track Trader Reviews: Statistics

Data from reputable sources reveal a different picture.

Although the figures for the gains and profit are astounding, this EA was last updated in 2016.

Hedge Track Trader: Myfxbook performance
Hedge Track Trader: Myfxbook performance

However, we discovered something really interesting. This chart is posted on the website showing the trading history of this robot.

If we look at a currency pair such as EURAUD on 02.09.2016, it shows that the pair moved 196 pips in 12 hours. We are hard pressed to believe that a currency pair like EURAUD would move a massive 196pips.

So what do we make of this? It seems that these results were manipulated. To what end? The developers seem to want to bait traders, especially newbies to buy this EA in the hope of quick cash.

Hedge Track Trader: Currency Trading stats
Hedge Track Trader: Currency Trading stats


The individual behind this EA is known as Glen Martin. He claims to have worked for a fund that traded forex in Newyork. There is no shred of evidence to back this on the internet. Our background checks show that there is no evidence that Glen worked in a forex company.

Hedge Track Trader Review: Website Pitch
Hedge Track Trader Review: Website Pitch

Hedge Track Trader Sales Tactic

We have to mention the sales tactics employed by this EA. The website seems to push everyone to believe that the EA has limited copies. They insist that traders should take advantage and buy a copy before the limited copies run out.

They seem to push traders to believe that the only avenue of escaping debt traps and poor performing EAs is buying this highly sought after robot.

Hedge Track Trader being a digital product means it cannot run out. This sales method is used to push people into believing they will miss the gravy train.

Hedge Track Trader Review: Sales Pitch
Hedge Track Trader Review: Sales Pitch

User Feedback

Customer reviews on verified sites for this forex robot are not available. Considering that this EA was active as early as 2016, it is surprising that no one has reviewed it. Moreover, unofficial sites suggest that Glen and the team are out to scam investors.

Claims Evaluation

  • The website claims that the EA can get profits of up to 442% yearly: False
  • Safe and low risk: False
  • Ability to trade 20 currency pairs: True

Verdict: Avoid this EA at all cost.

Our Final Thoughts

Glen and the team promised truckloads of money for investors, quoting profits of 442% annually. However, a closer look reveals trading activity for this EA ceased for the real live account in 2016. Moreover, we have seen the altering of results. We assume this is to push the narrative that they can get a profit margin of 442% annually

Additionally, there are no customer reviews. Therefore, we can not give any credence to this robot.