Is this the Best Trading Bot?

UPDATE: I receive emails, messages and comments asking if this bot is still profitable. As of today, November 26, 2022, the bot is still making profits.

Robotic trading is everywhere. Over 90% of all trades are automated. If you are still trading manually, you are at disadvantage.

Over the last few years, I have tried more than 50 trading bots I’ve reviewed 23.

Today I’ll review Galileo FX, a premium automated trading software for auto-trading gold, Forex, crypto, stocks, indexes and more. This trading robot analyzes market data in real time and trades automatically to make profits and limit losses.

I discovered that Galileo FX’s algorithm is the most profitable in 2021 and 2022. Galileo FX DOES NOT use risky strategies like Martingale or Grid. After hours of research online, this gave me the final push to purchase Galileo FX.

With Galileo FX’s versions typically being expensive, cost is one of the main things to consider when buying.

Look not just as what you can afford but at what you’ll get by choosing to a more powerful version – you might get more profits for example, but is that something you need? The answer will be different for everyone.

Galileo FX comes in 3 versions: Personal, Plus and Pro.

Personal: limited to $1,000 profits per month.

Plus: limited to $5,000 profits per month.

Pro: unlimited.

I have 3 accounts, so I decided to buy all 3 versions.

Galileo FX ROI (Return on the Investment)

Let’s start with the return on the investment (ROI) for each version. Here is my chart:

Galileo FX ROI

Keep in mind that these are my own results — but it should give you an idea.

Personal: reached $1000 profits in 35 days (11% Monthly ROI)

Plus: reached $1000 profits in 10 days (36% Monthly ROI)

Pro: reached $1000 profits in 3 days (84% Monthly ROI)

Galileo FX vs Other Trading Bots

All 3 versions of Galileo FX performed better than my other bots, with the Pro being the best.

Galileo FX Personal vs Plus vs Pro

I recommend the Plus or Pro version of Galileo FX. Higher accuracy, speed, and profitability.

Galileo FX’s new Pro version is much faster than the low-price Personal.

Its profitability is so good that you should not need to change settings during the day – if you don’t want to.

I only recommend Galileo FX Personal or Plus if you have time to monitor Galileo FX hourly.

If you are looking for a completely automated solution, go with Galileo FX Pro.

Main screen of Galileo FX

And unlike other Galileo FX versions, the Pro version doesn’t require constant monitoring, which keeps it very profitable even when you’re not watching it or monitoring it.

I personally don’t recommend the Personal version of Galileo FX. Yes, it’s cheap but limited to only $1,000 in profits per month.

In my opinion, Galileo FX Personal’s accuracy isn’t as good, and it’s not as fast (at least, when you’re running multiple currency pairs) as Galileo FX Plus or Pro.

Personal: 1 or 2 currency pairs at the same time

Plus: 2–4 currency pair at the same time

Pro: 4+ currency pairs at the same time

And in the long run, I think the Pro version is likely to give you a much higher ROI without any limitation.


  • High ROI
  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent tech support
  • Low requirements
  • Minimal effort
  • Easy to use
  • Stable system
  • High accuracy
  • Capable and friendly support
  • Good reputation
  • No monthly fees
  • No risky strategies
  • Optional Installation Service


  • Requires laptop, PC or VPS, but you can monitor the app from smartphone

Galileo FX MyFxBook

Here’s the MyFxBook. I have 3 licenses of Galileo FX (upgraded my Personal and Plus to Pro). This is the account that I use with one of the 3 Galileo FX Pro’s to auto/trade Gold on slow settings:

Installing Galileo FX

Galileo FX Installation Video on YouTube

First, I want to say that Installation is quick and easy.

It took me around 2 minutes to install Galileo FX.

Installation has been simplified and isn’t as big of a problem as it used to be.

I am not a computer geek however this took no time to complete.

Galileo FX File contents

The zip file included everything that I needed to set up.

All I did was move the files and restart MetaTrader.

  • Galileo FX file for MT4
  • Galileo FX file for MT5
  • 60 Presets
  • Installation Guide
  • Installation video
  • License_Key file

Galileo FX Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • Screen resolution: Minimum of 800 x 600.
  • Internet: Connection speed of 1mbps or faster.

Galileo FX Suggested Minimum Investment

Personal: minimum $100

Plus: minimum $200

Pro: minimum $300

Galileo FX Suggested Brokers

This trading robot works with all brokers that support MetaTrader 4 and MT5.

MetaTrader is probably the most used trading platform in the world, used by millions of people. It’s a really good platform.

There are many scam brokers and horror stories. Before choosing a broker, make sure to pick a regulated broker that has offices in your country.

Here’s a list of good brokers:

  • Oanda (also works in the U.S.)
  • (also works in the U.S.)
  • Pepperstone
  • XM
  • FxPro
  • BDSwiss

There are many other small brokers, which can be even better than those above.

I always suggest to search on Google: “best MT4 MT5 brokers in [your country]” and to look at reviews and check if they are regulated.

Galileo FX Suggested Settings

Very surprised with Galileo FX’s results.

I started with these settings:

Consecutive Bullish/Bearish signals: 8
Take Profit: 95
Stop Loss: 80
Timeframe: H1

Timeframe Explanation
By decreasing the Timeframe setting (for example M1, M5, M15 or M30) you will instruct Galileo FX to trade more frequently. And less frequently by increasing Timeframe (for example H1, H2, H4, H6 or D1).

M1 = One trade per minute
M5 = One trade every 5 minutes
M15 = One trade every 15 minutes
M30 = One trade every 30 minutes
H1 = One trade every 1 hour
D1 = One trade every 1 day

Consecutive Bullish/Bearish signals Explanation
This is the most important setting of Galileo FX. It instructs the software when it should buy or sell. If it’s set low (1–3), the bot will trade with higher risk and higher reward, if it’s set high (7–10), Galileo FX will make fewer trades.

High Risk: Consecutive Bullish/Bearish Signals = 1 to 3
Medium Risk: Consecutive Bullish/Bearish Signals = 3 to 6
Low Risk: Consecutive Bullish/Bearish Signals = 7 to 10

Galileo FX Review: Conclusion

I decided to try this as an alternative to buying another trading course. I was totally shocked at the profitability and over all return on the investment.

Also, I was surprised to realize Galileo FX provided a number of ready-to-use presets and settings free of any additional charges, plus premium presets.

I highly recommend this trading robot to any one considering automated robotic trading. One of my best investments.

Galileo FX Customer Service and Support

Galileo FX customer service support is available Monday to Friday and offered me a competent, personalized and friendly service.

On one occasion, when I had just switched broker, I couldn’t get Galileo FX to trade.

I sent their Support Team an email and one of the Customer Specialists offered to connect to my PC using TeamViewer to fix my issue remotely.

This was amazing. I just sat back and he fixed the problem. He was friendly and patient.

They offer Support Sessions to all customers at no extra cost. Just ask for a Support Session: they’ll send you a link to book your Support Appointment.

Overall, a 5-stars experience with their support staff.

Other Galileo FX Reviews

Since Galileo FX was listed on Trustpilot in 2020, out of more than 1,940 customer reviews over 91% have given Galileo FX a full five-star rating, the highest of any trading robot.

Trustpilot allows customers to leave honest, unbiased reviews and share experiences about companies they have purchased from recently.

Latest five-star comments praises Galileo FX for ‘excellent friendly and timely service,’ and ‘highly profitable bot from people who seem to have the customer’s interest as a priority.’

How to get a Discount Code for Galileo FX

On this page you can find the code “SPECIAL20” to save 20% off the full price. Add code on payment page.

There are other codes if you subscribe to their newsletter.

Have you tried Galileo FX? Share your Galileo FX Review & Opinion in the comments.

50 thoughts on “Is this the Best Trading Bot?

  1. billy

    is galileo fx works on mobile phones?

    1. David H. Burnett

      Yes, you can control it from iOS and Android.

  2. Jim_LA

    Hello David! I have purchased Galileo FX yesterday after reading your detailed review. I want to thank you for your settings. I’ve already made a good profit ($719 dollars). Just one question: how many charts should I use? If I add more charts, will I make more profits? Thank you!

    1. David H. Burnett

      Thank you Jim for your kind words! Yes, adding more charts is the easiest way to increase profits with Galileo FX. I currently use minimum 10 charts.

  3. Janos

    Good afternoon!
    I want a robot like this!
    Can I trade as an individual or do I have to belong to a brokerage firm?
    Can I transfer the profit to a private bank account?
    can I trade on cryptocurrencies?
    Thank you in advance for your reply!
    Regards Janos

    1. David H. Burnett

      Thanks for your comment, Janos. Yes, you can trade as an individual without any problem. And yes, of course you can transfer your profits to your bank, unless you want to reinvest profits. Yes, you can trade crypto and all other symbols including stocks, metals, currencies, indexes and commodities.

  4. Mauricio

    Hello David, big fan of yours, thank you for you info, i used another bots and really didn´t see the good side, i´m no economist, but understand a little bit, do you know if Galileo works on Apple IOS? Thank you!

    1. David H. Burnett

      Mauricio, thank you for your feedback. Yes, you can use Galileo FX on Apple iOS.

  5. Ondrej

    Can I install galileo to any broker with MT4?

    1. David H. Burnett

      Yes 🙂 And also any broker that supports MT5.


    I want know about bot

    1. David H. Burnett

      If you have already gone through this article, the next step is

  7. swedishtrader

    David, I just want to thank you for this review. I was hesitant to buy another trading robot after being scammed too many times. I decided to go ahead and purchase Galileo FX Pro and it has changed my life. Last week, Galileo FX produced over $2700 in profits on my account. In just 7 days. Again, thank you.

    1. David H. Burnett

      Thank you for your comment. I am happy that my review was helpful.

  8. John99

    As someone who has traded manually for the last 6 months, I feel like an idiot. With Galileo fx, I’m making much more money, because I can trade 24/7 (including crypto on weekends), automatically, without watching the charts 8 hours a day like i was doing before… i was exhausted and this led me to my stupid emotional mistakes… Galileo FX is a robot so it doesn’t make emotional mistakes… I simply leave it on and it opens and closes trade automatically…. mostly in profits…

    1. David H. Burnett

      John, I appreciate your honesty. I’m glad to hear that my review of Galileo FX was useful to you.

  9. parsifal_m

    I purchased galileo fx personal yesterday and made $221 so far. will it stop trading after i reach $1000 in profits? thanks appreciate your response.

    1. David H. Burnett

      Yes, Personal and Plus are limited to $1,000 and $5,000 per month in NET profits. You need to upgrade to Pro for unlimited profits. I did upgrade and it was one of the best decisions.

  10. Philip Main

    From the moment I downloaded Galileo FX, I knew I could make money with this robot. The guide was transparent, assuring, and straight to the point. The trades are fully automated, high percentage of wins, and stable profits. Clearly one of the most profitable robots, which I appreciate very very much!

    1. David H. Burnett

      Thank you for your comment, Philip.

  11. Cesar Pabingwit


  12. Marco Cahuas

    I found Galileo FX very interesting I will try it and send you my results

  13. Lane Befus

    Can I be sure someone will walk me though the set up process

    1. David H. Burnett

      Yes, if you don’t wan to go through the installation guide, they also offer a professional installation service done by their team. They send you a link to book your appointment, then they connect to your PC. Here is the link to the service (you need to buy Galileo FX first):

  14. Lane Befus

    I am concerned about investing in a company that is so far from me in Canada

    1. David H. Burnett

      We live in the globalization age, don’t stress too much about that 🙂 Also you deposit your money into a broker account in your country, so you can use a Canadian regulated broker if you live in Canada.

  15. Dan

    Is there a reason the myforex account has only a few months of trading history ?.
    If it has such good performance why isn’t there a longer trading period ?

    1. David H. Burnett

      Just updated with my 2nd MyFxBook that has been running Galileo FX Pro for 1+ year 🙂

  16. carlos nieto

    I am interested

    1. David H. Burnett

      Check their site: 😉

  17. heavenstrike

    Anyone trade on m5 timeframe using Galileo Fx , what bullish/bearish signals are recommended to get consistent profits, recently just got the Plus version, still trying to finetune the settings.

    1. David H. Burnett

      Consecutive signals 8,9 or 10.

  18. Oscar Padilla

    Are you still using Galileo fx or was it a one time thing? Thx

    1. David H. Burnett

      Yes, still using it 🙂 And it rocks

  19. Max

    Works fine but it took me 3 days to start making consistent profits.

    1. David H. Burnett

      Yes, it can take a few days, always make sure that Consecutive Signals is set to minimum 8 and let it run for as many hours as possible

  20. mindlyee

    Good value. It does cost a little less to use cheap bots, but those can be hit or miss so may not end up saving you much money anyways. The official Galileo FX always work great – high quality and profitable.

    1. David H. Burnett

      Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, there are many cheap bots… some even free (!!!) but why buy a cheap bot that loses money? In my opinion, it’s better to buy Galileo FX which makes me money every day and every night 😉

  21. rob

    It works! I just got this forex bot the one before we had a lot of problems from the time I got it. So this one is a new one. Am happy that this bot is working good so am happy with that !
    I hope it keeps working !

  22. LJH

    Not cheap.. Is there a discount

    1. David Burnett

      Yes, it’s a bit expensive… but you make the money back quickly. I spent $700 for the pro but it’s been a rational investment, because I quickly made my money back and even more…

  23. Scott G.

    Other than cost, Galileo FX has always a solid investment for me. Upgrading to Pro is no exception. Instructions were done well, received my download link quickly, and had no issues with getting it setup within my MT5.

    1. David Burnett

      Thanks for the comment and yes, the Pro version seems better.

  24. rodrigo_dc

    I have been using it for some time , please check my YouTube channels, where I load videos of my performance

    1. David Burnett

      Congratulations for the profits, please keep posting.

  25. Mark6

    😳😳 impressive results. congratulations

  26. jeanet

    Nice review, David. May I ask you, are you using Galileo FX Pro only to trade indexes? If so, why? Can I trade EUR/USD with Galileo FX Pro?

    1. David H. Burnett

      You can trade all assets offered by your broker, including crypto, forex, stocks cfds, indexes, metals and commodities… simply check with your broker 😉

  27. Daniel S.

    It’s a good bot, possibly one of the best around right now. I used it to make a fortune with USD/BTC.

    1. jeanet

      What presets are you using, if you don’t mind me asking? Jeanet


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