FX Fortnite EA: A forex Robot Review

Today, we review the FX Fortnite EA. The developers believe that this EA is high quality and produces great performance.

We analyze the strategy this EA uses, the performance results, and user feedback. At the tail end of this review, we tell you what we think of this EA; If it is a good choice or not.

What is FX Fortnite EA?

This is an automated forex robot that is designed to manage trades for you. Its developers claim that it is easy to use, and you only require to put it on the quotes chart and enable the settings to start trading.

FX Fortnite EA
FX Fortnite EA

In terms of strategy, this forex robot uses a combination of trend and hedge strategies. There are three risk settings to choose from, including high, middle, and low risks. With these strategies, the team behind this EA aims to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.

Moreso, they employ a lookback straddle approach for evaluating the return characteristics of a trend following strategy.

The EA works best with the EURCHF currency pair on the H1 timeframe. The creators claim that their strategies and risk profile guarantees profit on any broker who utilizes the MetaTrader4 platform.

With this EA, you can trade with a $1000 deposit or $10 on a cent account. A leverage of 1:100 or higher is suggested. The developers recommend using this EA in fast-moving forex markets.


The EA comes in three packages Bronze, Gold and Platinum. The prices range from $149 for the bronze package while the platinum demands $249. All these accounts have different packs.

With the platinum package priced at $249, we deem this EA fairly priced.

FX Fortnite EA: Pricing Package
FX Fortnite EA: Pricing Package

In terms of refund policy, this EA offers a 30 day money back guarantee. This only applies for the first month while using the settings recommended by the developers. More so, the drawdown has to be at least 40%

FX Fortnite EA: Refund Policy
FX Fortnite EA: Refund Policy

The refund policy leaves a lot to be desired. As much as 39% of your account may be wiped and you would not qualify for a refund. Again, this is not satisfactory.

FX Fortnite EA: Performance Analysis

The developers have shared their backtest results. We will analyze a backtest with setting at low-risk.

From an initial deposit of $1000 the robot was able to make a net profit of $531. The maximal drawdown stands at 19%. Note that this backtest runs for less than one year.

FX Fortnite EA: Backtest results with low risk setting
FX Fortnite EA: Backtest results with low risk setting

They have also provided backtest for the other risk settings. The EA trades aggressively at higher risks giving more profits. Consequently, the drawdown also increases with increased risk.

For live trade results, the website provides an attachment that shows results from FX Blue. Since they have not provided a link, we have no way of verifying these results.

FX Fortnite EA: FX Blue Results Chart

Searching for real account results from FX blue only leads us to demo accounts. This is a big concern for us. For transparency purposes, we urge this team to provide a link to a real live verified account.

User Feedback

We searched reputable sources for user feedback on this EA. However, we did not find any reviews.

FX Fortnite EA: No user feedback


This EA does not meet the minimum threshold for any investors to spend their money and time on. The lack of a community around it as well as the absence of real account is damning.

We urge the developers behind this EA to supply this information. Until then, we urge our users to stay away from this forex robot.

However, if you have used this EA, kindly leave a comment below.

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