Forexia Pro Review

In this post, we review Forexia Pro. Forexia Pro is a program from Forex Investor Alliance. This group pushes various products and services, including forex courses, a private community for trading, and a risk calculator.

Today, we analyze Forexia Pro, check out their products, the customer reviews, and finally, we tell you what we think about all this.

What is Forexia Pro

This is a product by Forex Investors Alliance that aims to teach investors the forex trade market manipulation. They pride themselves on having 22k students enrolled in their courses.

In a nutshell, Forexia Pro offers basic to advanced content delivered via podcasts, eBooks, etc. Secondly, a private community where peers share analysis and actively share ideas for forex trading. More so, they monitor the forex markets daily to catch pips. They offer their analysis and possible market moves for their members.

The creators of Forexia claim that joining this community gives you access to the “exact same” inner circle of successful forex traders. More so, they proclaim that they offer the same data that banks and hedge funds have been using to manipulate trade for decades.

Forexia Pro Review

Four individuals led by Dylan Shilts drive the services and products on Forexia. All of them have different backgrounds but are united to help traders win in forex trading.

Forexia Pro Review: Forexia Academy

The website claims that the courses available are the most advanced market manipulation courses. The courses offered include:

  • Price Action
  • USDZAR Strategy Mastery Course
  • Trading Mindset
  • Basic Forex Course
  • Live Trading Session Compilation
  • Traps, Induction and False Moves
  • Trading Psychology
  • Cyptospiracy
Forexia Pro Review: Courses offered
Forexia Pro Review: Courses offered

The courses are bundled with the following products and services.

  • Daily LIVE Trading Sessions
  • Daily LIVE Educational Sessions
  • Private Academy Group Chat
  • USDZAR Mastery Strategy FULL Course
  • Identifying Traps, Inductions & False Moves FULL Course
  • Price Action Mastery FULL Course
  • Professional Guided Meditations & Hypnosis Recordings
  • The “Perfect Entry” Mastery Course
  • Successful Trading of Volatile Events FULL Course
  • LIVE Trading Sessions FULL Compilation 100+ HOURS!
  • 6+ MONTHS of LIVE Trading Session Recordings 

Looking at the stats showing on the Forexia website, they claim to have more than 1000 users to this service. So far, they have analyzed a total of 48 signals and caught 685 pips.


The courses do not come cheap. For instance, the Price Action course costs $599.

Some courses come with a monthly payment plan costing $200. However, you could opt for a one-time payment plan for the same course priced at $2500. Note that each course is priced differently.

Forexia Pro Review: Analysis Services

Forexia Pro offers an analysis platform meant to keep members in touch with successful forex trading professionals. The developers claim to offer the most accurate price projection with real-time notifications via Telegram, SMS, and Email. However, the main channel of communication for members is the Telegram channel.

Forexia Pro Review: Price Projections
Forexia Pro Review: Price Projections

Apparently, the developers provide all signals with a chance for success. This is accompanied by the signal analysis and detailed description of the trade. What’s more, they also provide the stop loss and take profit zones to benefit their clients.

These signal analysis are provided by Dylan Shilts, Hooman, and Mark English. See the pricing package below.

Forexia Pro Review: Prices

Customer Reviews

User feedback from Forex peace army and Trust pilot seem to agree that services offered by this website are great. Currently, their products have a 4-star rating on reputable third-party sites.

Forexia Pro Review: Rating
Forexia Pro Review: Traders Reviews


Dylan Shilts and the team seem to offer great services. More so, customer reviews seem to suggest that the team is doing a great job. However, we are concerned with the high prices the services cost. I believe this may be due to the high-quality services and products offered.

If you have used Forexia Pro, please leave a comment and tell us how the services were.

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