EA Review: XFXea Aggressive

This post reviews XFXea Aggressive, a forex robot whose owners aim to give regular profits regardless of market conditions. They also focus on avoiding long periods without profit.

We look at the performance of this EA. The strategies used, and if they are any good. We also look at user reviews to get a sense of what this robot is all about. Finally, we give you our recommendation pertaining XFXea Aggressive.

What is XFXea Aggressive?

Creators of this robot have not stated exclusively if EA is 100% automated. However, their main aim is to create profits regardless of the prevailing market conditions.

This robot uses a combination of special calculations and transaction algorithms to deter losses. The website also claims that when a trade closes in a loss position, special algorithms quickly step in to recover the loss situation.

The creators state exclusively that they do not use the martingale strategy as they consider it risky. However, the EA calculates the entry point into a trade using a special way. The approach involves a certain number of bars, which then form an important range. The robot is then able to determine how and when to start trading.

The aggressive version of this robot goes all out to get extra profitability. However, this comes with the downside of increased drawdowns.

This EA trades two currencies: AUDUSD and EURUSD.

Purchase for this robot includes

  • 1-lifetime license
  • 2 supported pairs
  • Versions for MT4 and MT5
  • User Manual
  • Free updates
  • 24/7 friendly support

XFXea Aggressive Review

For prospective forex traders, performance statistics for any EA are vital. The site has provided backtests for a span of 5 years. Results show that from a deposit of $5,000, there was a net profit of $240,950.

The currency pair used in this backtest is the AUDUSD. The timeframe applied is H1, while the modeling quality is 90%. The backtest results show a profit factor of 2.14. However, the relative drawdown is 33.14% which is more than moderate. As with the martingale strategy, the strategy employed here seems to have a susceptibility of consecutive losses.

XFXea Aggressive Review: 5 Years Backtest Results

However, results that are independently verified for 2021 show a different perspective. Every month experienced losses except for January.

The account on Myfxbook shows a real account using the USDCent. The broker used is RoboForex on a MetaTrader4 platform.

The overall gain stands at +2,076%, while the absolute gain is +1,438%. This is an incredible and positive result for the EA. This EA averages a gain of 10% monthly, which is superb. More so, from an initial deposit of $500, the EA got a profit of $10,383.

However, like many other forex robots, that utilize the martingale strategy, the drawdown is more than 50%. This indicates that your account could be easily wiped out. In this instance, the drawdown stands at an alarming 53%.

The EA wins 308 trades out of 460 representing a win rate of 67%. The profit factor recorded is 1.64, different from the +2.14 in the backtests. The average trade length is 3 days.

XFXea Review: Myfxbook Analysis
XFXea Review: Myfxbook Analysis

We dug deeper to see how this EA performed over the past year and a half. In 2020, the EA experienced positive growth apart from two months which had significant dips into the negative territory.

However, in 2021, the situations seems to have deteriorated. For the the first 4 months, the EA only made gains in January. The other months are all in the negative.

XFXea Aggressive Review: Monthly Analysis
XFXea Aggressive Review: 2020 Results

Refund Policy

A refund policy is a good indicator of the legitimacy of any EA. The website claims to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, the site claims that if a trader uses the recommended settings and your account still experiences a drawdown of more than 35%, they will a refund. This is quite a bold statement considering from the real verified account, the drawdown exceeds 35% by some margin.

However, we do not have any evidence of the same. No customer reviews answer this question as well.

User Feedback

We looked around for verifiable user reviews in 2021. However, we did not find any. Considering that this EA has been around since 2018, we are disappointed at the lack of user feedback.

XFXea Aggressive Review:-No Customer Reviews
XFXea Aggressive Review: No Customer Reviews


The XFXEA robot does not provide any background information on the creators. The information is important since trust is built on transparency. Teams with professional traders who possess years of experience have an advantage

Verdict: This EA has a history of profitability. That is shown by encouraging statistics in 2020. The backtests for 5 years also show good results. Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews from verifiable sources. It also fails the transparency test. Therefore, we recommend cautious optimism with this EA.

Our Final Thoughts

There is a delicate feel to this Robot. The owners have not thoroughly explained their strategy. There is also the fact that the performance for 2021 is not that great.

However, XFXea Aggressive is a robot that investors can try out. However, we recommend caution. This is based on their previous track record.

If you have any experience with the XFXEA expert advisor, please leave a comment below.