Aeron Scalper Review: A scalper+Grid EA

Aeron Scalper is an automated trading robot that utilizes scalping and grid trading strategies. Forex scalping is a strategy used in trading currency pairs. It involves buying the currency pair and holding it for short periods before selling in an attempt to make profits.

On the other hand, the grid strategy works with delayed limit buys and sell orders on preset price intervals. This post will look at if the combination of the two strategies works, or it is another EA that deserves no attention.

What is Aeron Scalper EA?

Aeron Scalper EA is an automated trading robot that uses a combination of scalping and grid trading strategies. The developer has designed this EA to reap steady profit from forex trading. They also claim that customization of the robot limits losses.

With the grid technique, the developers claim to be able to achieve profits based on the sideways and trending market conditions. The robot is capable of hedging and placing alternate buy and sell orders at certain levels.

The currency pair that can be traded with this EA include EURUSD, CHFJPY, EURGBP, CADJPY, EURCHF, EURJPY.

Scalping strategy is somewhat difficult for many developers to get right. This robot has employed a combo of two strategies to ensure gains for the investor. We have put together information on the performance of this robot. Is it good enough?

Aeron Scalper Notable Features

  • Takeprofit and stop-loss with every position.
  • Equity risk management.
  • MT4 platform.
  • Fully Automated EA.
  • Minute-1 Timeframe.


The website for this EA does not indicate the pricing. However, various marketplaces place it at $149. The recommended minimum deposit is $300.


Ground breaking combo of grid and scalping methodologies to guarantee profit.

Aeron Scalper Review: Stats and User Reaction.

The website for this EA is basic. However, they have tried to explain how their two core strategies work to deliver profits.

The developers do not provide backtests results which is rather disappointing. Backtests provide great insight especially when done with good historical data and without backend manipulation.

They also have some live accounts showing trading activities hosted on FX Blue. It shows a risk-reward ratio of +4.97% and +5.93% on the two real accounts. Despite some drawdowns, it shows steady gains.

With a risk reward ratio of almost 5, the results seem exceptional.

Aeron Scalper Review: Live account Chart

We headed over to Myfxbook to counter-verify the results above. However, we could not do this as the last results for this EA were last updated in 2020.

Results here are simply terrible. The overall gain stands in the negative territory at almost 100%. This is the same for the drawdown. This indicates a total loss of the account.

In a quest to find the real scenario, we evaluate the user feedback to see if the results are exceptionally good or really bad.

Aeron Scalper Review: updates on a live account

Aeron Scalper User Feedback

Reputable customer review websites give mixed reviews. However, the majority of the sentiments indicate that it’s not all rosy. What comes out is that demo accounts opened with the recommended brokers give spectacular results. However, when the same settings are replicated with the real account, customers lost money.

This is a trick that some EAs use to trick traders. With outstanding demo results, traders are eager to try out the EA and they end up getting losses. Scalping and grid strategies are some of the riskiest strategies out there.

Aeron Scalper Review: Customer experience


We always place an emphasis on getting to know the team behind the EA. It gets to build our confidence if the team comprises of professional traders with vast experience.

However, for this EA, we have no background details about this EA. The website only claims that it is a group of expert traders with no other information. More so, they do not provide any email or ways customers can engage with them. We would have liked to see the team engaging with users and answering questions for traders wo have any concerns.

Website pages for this EA only have placeholding text that is meaningless.

Aeron Scalper Review: A website page
Aeron Scalper Review: A website page

The trading strategies employed by this robot do not work as great as advertised. The majority of the customers lost transactions. What is more worrying is the fact that there seems to be a collusion between the recommended brokers and the EA. The negative customer experiences are well detailed. They paint a picture of what happens behind the scene. The positive reviews are shallow and seem to use catchy words.

Claim Evaluation

Ground breaking combo of grid and scalping methodologies to guarantee profit: False


First off, the robot fails the transparency test. The developers do not disclose their background. Secondly, the website looks to have been done hurriedly and haphazardly. Finally, we got two sets of results, one, showing exceptional results while the other was extremely disappointing. On looking closer, it seems that the EA developers were in cahoots with brokers to manipulate results.

The Aeron Scalper is dependent on the two strategies, scalping and grid. The ability of these combined strategies to bring positive growth is questionable. When put to the test, customers seem to get varied results. In our opinion, it’s best to avoid this EA for now.