How I grew my trading account +78% in 5 months

Trading is hard. After losing $41500, I made over +78% this year so far. Here’s how I did it.

Is there a “secret trick”?

As they say, learn from mistakes.

I started by analyzing my losses.

More specifically, why was I losing on some trades and making money on others.

Here’s what I found:

  • Emotional mistakes (8% of my negative trades)
  • Too much stress (5% of my negative trades)
  • Not enough time to watch charts (61% of my negative trades)
  • Not skilled enough in technical analysis (19% of my negative trades)
  • Big market news that I can’t anticipate (7% of my negative trades)

Instead of looking for ways to increase my profits, I started looking for ways to minimize losses. This was a smart decision that dramatically improved my results.

I was tired of losing. Tired of anxiety. Tired of not winning.

That’s when I started looking at bots.

Most trades are automated these days…

“Why are all these people using bots?”

“Why am I still trading manually?

“Do profitable trading bots exist?”

I remember thinking:

“If I can avoid mistakes by using a software program to trade on my account, why not?”

I started digging deeper into the world of trading bots.

Trading bots, also known as autotraders, EAs, Expert Advisors or robots, are software programs designed to trade automatically on your behalf. I’ve tested and reviewed over 100 bots.

A year later, I’ve tested and reviewed over 100 trading bots.

And here’s what I’ve learned:

Too many bots are scams, fake or just ..useless. But a few of them are real and make real money.

While backtesting, analyzing and statistically optimizing bots, I realized that most trading bots use gambling strategies applied to financial markets… and that doesn’t work.

Martingale, anti-martingale, grid… all these systems were invented to be applied in Las Vegas casinos, not in financial markets. And that’s exactly why most people lose with trading bots.

In total, I’ve lost over $41,500. But it was still worth it.

Why? Because being scammed, I finally found a few bots that work.

I am living proof that profitable bots exist… and that you need to learn how to avoid scams.

I’ve put together this checklist to help anybody avoid trading bot scams:

[Checklist] Before you buy a trading bot, make sure to check that:

  • Is profitable 60% of the time (minimum)
  • Opens/closes trades automatically. Fully automated with no manual intervention.
  • Can run 24/7 without manual intervention
  • Is lightweight to run on a home PC
  • Lets you use any brokerage firm of your choice
  • Has automated ways to protect your account from losses
  • Provides you with settings to use
  • Has an expert team to guide you
  • Does NOT need to be coded
  • Does NOT require advanced financial knowledge
  • Does NOT use a gambling strategy
  • Does NOT lock you in a contract
  • Does NOT limit the number of charts you can trade
  • Does NOT limit the amount of profits you can make
  • Accepts regular payment methods like PayPal, Credit Card, Bank
  • Has an expert support team for technical questions/problems
  • Has been mentioned on important industry publications like Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance or WSJ.

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